As we enter 2020, Mavence has some news you can use about our business. Get in the know about public affairs recruitment, employment and coaching with us. 

Going global

Public affairs pros who can win for a cause are needed far beyond the EU. We want to be your partner to search and place them. From Westminster to the Bundestag and from the United Nations to the World Trade Organisation, we’re now connecting talent and opportunity on a truly global scale.

Leading this expansion is our founder, Jason Descamps. He’s a true maven at executive search with a track-record finding the right influencer for a campaign or just the right role for a pro’s policy expertise.

Jason’s planning an international tour with lots of meet and greets. Want to get on the schedule? Contact us to reserve your spot!

New focus on healthcare

Mavence 2020 updates! From pandemic disease and rising drug costs to failing insurance programmes, healthcare issues increasingly dominate the minds of European voters and elected officials. We deliver champions that can give you an influential voice with the people that count and deliver winning campaigns.

We’re especially focused on leaders who can inject fresh energy and innovative ideas to your cause. That’s why we’ve partnered with The European Health Parliament (EHP). It’s a movement connecting and empowering the next generation of European leaders to rethink EU health policies.

Looking for your healthcare champion? Then new Mavence Senior Advisor, Thomas Gelin is your man. Thomas acts as a senior strategic advisor for a wide range of pharmaceutical, biotech and non-profit organizations. He brings over 10 years of experience in health policy and communications and has developed an extensive network of influential, talented professionals in Brussels and across the EMEA region.

Anna steps up

With public affairs becoming ever more vital to business, so has Anna Aleksandra Koj to ours at Mavence. Now appointed Deputy Director, she is supporting our expansion to international business beyond the EU as well as growing our Leadership Coaching practice.

Anna understands exactly what it takes to succeed in public affairs after years spent in advocacy roles herself for NGOs. By building coalitions and running campaigns, she can expertly assess a candidate’s fit to lobby politicians or sit in the hot seat with journalists.

She takes inspiration from seeing clients rise to and thrive in unexpected roles, achieving “career firsts” that have challenged convention and set new standards in the workplace.

Schedule a meeting with Anna to discuss your recruitment or career challenge.

New stars on the team

We’ve got two other especially good reasons to celebrate in 2020. And their names are Hans Korteweg, Cynthia Fürste. They’re both seasoned public affairs stars in their own right, using their network and expertise to deliver the winning talent you need.

Fancy a coffee with one of them? E-meetings are just fine too. Contact us to set a date.

That’s it for now. Thanks for keeping up with Mavence and stay tuned because we’ve got some other BIG news to share soon.