Since we first announced that after 7 years as the European Affairs Recruitment Specialists, EARS was launching the next stage of our journey as Mavence, we’ve received a number of questions from our network on both sides of the Atlantic as to what exactly will be changing. As a handy reference, we decided to put down the most common questions our team has fielded so far, so that you can stay in the loop on what’s new with us and what our Mavens can do for you.

1. Where does the name ‘Mavence’ come from? Does it mean anything?

The name ‘Mavence’ reflects the combination of skills, values, and attitude of our ‘Maven’ consultants, whose hands-on experience as public affairs practitioners across sectors, industries, and borders make them uniquely insightful, well-connected, and attuned to the impact of advocacy on both business and policy. This means that they’re recruiting for positions and portfolios that they understand intimately in networks and institutions they’ve worked in throughout their careers. That profile is at the heart of what makes a Maven, and our Mavens are what make us Mavence.

2. Where is your new company located?

Our headquarters are located in Brussels, Belgium, in the very heart of the EU and only minutes from the European Parliament. Our highly international teams are also working with clients in countries such as Germany, France, the Netherlands, and the UK.

3. What is changing with the re-branding? What is staying the same?

As Mavence, we will still bring the same hands-on expertise, professionalism and empathy to our tailored executive search & recruitment services, but on a more global scale. Since 2013 we’ve been working on deepening our networks, not only in Brussels but in national capitals and major political hubs like Geneva and New York, and we feel confident that the time is right to officially launch our activities there under a new brand that reflects our unique approach no matter where we are.

4. Will you still be working as EARS?

In order to deliver for our clients and partners in the most straightforward and transparent way possible, we will be consolidating all of our work here and abroad under a single banner, Mavence.

5. Do you still have a focus on EU issues and PA? What about the specialized nature of your work?

We are building on our legacy as the first dedicated recruitment firm specialized in European Public Affairs, not moving away from it. As EARS, we built our specialization on our approach of blending experienced public affairs practitioners with deep local networks and best-in-class talent assessment techniques and people management practices, and as Mavence we will be bringing that approach to new political hubs globally while we continue to strengthen our presence in Brussels and at the EU level.

6. What does Mavence do?

Mavence is an international executive search & talent advisory firm, specializing in public affairs. We offer top-of-the-line 360 search and place, interim recruitment, screening and shortlisting, talent management, assessment, and career coaching services from a diverse team of expert practitioners.

7. How do you recruit?

No two opportunities are ever entirely alike, so we work closely with our clients to define tailored strategies that comprehensively account for the success factors vital to their business, their goals, and the profile of the position itself. In support of each strategy we tap into our local networks, personal contacts with experts in the relevant policy fields, professional associations, and informal groups for key stakeholders and movers-and-shakers to find top-tier candidates for all levels of public affairs and policy professionals, from executive leadership and heads of office on down. We handle all our briefs with the utmost discretion and individual and professional courtesy, and make sure that our clients are actively in the loop at every step of the way.

8. For whom do you recruit? What kind of sectors do you cover?

Our Mavens have decades of experience in advocacy and public policy across diverse fields, including health, technology, finance, and energy, and have strong track records working in or alongside associations, corporations, consultancies, NGOs, think tanks, law firms, regional and diplomatic offices, and government.

9. How should we communicate from now on? Will the contact information I have for you need to be updated?

Our teams are still checking their former addresses, but the best solution for getting in touch with us will be to check the Our Team page on the website where you can find everyone’s address.

10. Where can I find the latest information about new opportunities?

If you were following our EARS accounts on social media, you are already plugged into our new Mavence channels! If you want to dig a little deeper, you can always check our website or reach out to us at or directly to one of our consultants.

11. I see that the EARS website is still online, alongside the new Mavence website; if I have questions about EU affairs or the Brussels market, should I still check EARS for updates?

The EARS website is still online in order to help provide continuity and accessibility for those who have come across us in the past or have learned of us through their network, but haven’t yet heard the news. As we have only recently launched, we will keep EARS online and up to date for the immediate future, but eventually we will work exclusively through our Mavence channels.