About Amfori

Founded in 1977, amfori is a leading global business association that focuses on trade and sustainable supply chains. One if its primary roles is to provide a platform for companies to collaborate, share knowledge, and drive social and environmental improvements in global supply chains, most crucially focused the Environmental, Social and Governance performance of their supply chains.

It offers tools, programs, and resources to help businesses manage their supply chains responsibly, addressing issues like labour rights, environmental impact, and ethical business practices, thereby promoting trade that is both profitable and sustainable.

Bringing together over 2400 members from across the globe, amfori thus supports its members by:

  • providing training courses, DIY learning resources and guidance
  • organising international meetings and member events
  • offering a comprehensive package of ESG due diligence supply chain solutions: amfori BSCI, amfori BEPI, amfori Speak for Change, amfori QMI
  • staying well ahead of upcoming legislation
  • defending the interests of members with policymakers


About the Role

Reporting to the Head of Advocacy and Engagement, the new Advisor is going to:

  • Contribute to and implement the amfori Advocacy & Engagement strategy in order to strengthen amfori.
    • Identify, monitor and analyze relevant advocacy issues
    • Position amfori on the topic having engaged with relevant experts (in-house and externally) and amfori members to ensure buy-in and alignment with amfori tools
    • Promote amfori tools externally by establishing a strong connection between our services and relevant advocacy topics
    • Monitor competitors trends and feed into amfori strategy, business development and marketing efforts with new insights
  • Engage with amfori members on Advocacy & Engagement topics so as to ensure buy in and amplify our messaging and make them become our best ambassadors.
    • Raise members awareness about key advocacy topics (articles, webinars, events)
    • Maintain and nurture policy engagement with members (project group meetings, …)
    • Engage with the Network Representatives in an impactful way (support prioritization of topics, help with relevant ad hoc requests, events, participation to network connect meetings, …)
    • Ensure smooth dialogue and coordination with Customer Service team for Advocacy & Engagement related requests so as to keep abreast to members’ challenges
  • Communicate amfori’s positions externally in an impactful way so as to shape a policy environment which supports amfori’s members efforts towards more sustainable value chains.
    • Map critical players and stakeholders which have an influence on the policy topic
    • Build a strong network and strategic alliances with relevant stakeholders to amplify the messaging
    • Develop plans for impactful advocacy campaigns (social media, events, webinar series, …)
    • Engage in a timely and impactful manner with relevant stakeholders and policy makers (individual meetings, conferences, expert groups)
    • Identify opportunities to speak and represent amfori externally in relevant events
  • Provide strategic input to the product line work so as to support efforts towards relevant and fit-for purpose tools.
    • Build strong relationships across amfori departments to contribute to an aligned Advocacy & -Engagement strategy
    • Feed Advocacy & Engagement strategic expertise (trends) into the work coordinated in the product line (ideation phase, concept, review)
    • Support through facilitating the identification and engagement with relevant stakeholders and partners
    • Support amfori experts in managing new or existing partnerships when relevant to ensure formal outcomes


About the Expectations

  • A Master-level degree in Law, Political Science, International Relations or European Affairs with any other relevant to degree to be considered
  • At least 3 to 5 years of experience in EU affairs advocacy and/or communications environment at an EU affairs consultancy, professional or industry association, corporate or NGO
  • Good knowledge of Due Diligence regulations (with a knowledge of German Supply Chain legislation being a strong asset as well)
  • A native or near-native level of English proficiency, with German being a differentiating asset and any other EU language being an asset as well
  • Excellent communication and soft skills in particular in public speaking and negotiations as well as some project management knowledge is required
  • A knowledge of advocacy campaigns would be a differentiating asset
  • A permit to work in Belgium


About the Offer

  • You will have the chance to contribute to global sustainability by influencing supply chains of numerous companies, thereby making a substantial impact on environmental and social issues
  • Amfori operates internationally, engaging with diverse cultures, businesses, and regulations, offering a chance to work in a truly global context and as part of a dynamic, multicultural team of policy and advocacy professionals
  • Working in a collaborative environment among various stakeholders – businesses, NGOs, governments, etc. – you will be creating an environment where different perspectives come together to drive positive change
  • Given the complex nature of global supply chains and sustainability, working at Amfori can offer continuous learning opportunities in various fields like sustainability, corporate social responsibility (CSR), trade policies, etc
  • The chance to advocate for policy changes, influence industry standards, and drive forward-thinking initiatives within the corporate world
  • A competitive salary package proportional to your experience and a hybrid work policy


About the Application

Interested candidates are asked to send their CV and cover letter to Sergey Golyshin, Director at Mavence ( sergey.golyshin@mavence.com ).


SectorTrade; Supply chains; Sustainability; ESG