Why Mavence?

In public affairs, you bet on people just as much as strategy. We give you the talent to win that bet every day.

Having served as a political advisor inside the European Parliament as well as head of EU affairs for an influential transport association, Gabriela Dimitrova knows her way around European political capitals. She easily spots who will shine in front of a Parliamentary committee or battle for a cause in a tough crowd.

With a hand on the pulse of the policy scene, Gabriela can assess a candidate’s knowledge of complex legislation and the power players that count. As multi-cultural and multi-lingual as they come, she personally knows the value of diverse backgrounds and experiences on a campaign team.

More than a policy analyst, Gabriela is also a finance and project management expert. When it comes to assessing a candidate’s financial skills from leading audits to producing annual reports, she knows what to ask and how to measure success.


  • Brussels


  • MA, Contemporary European Politics – Sciences Po & University of Bath (2006)
  • BA, European Studies & Modern Languages – University of Bath (2004)


  • English
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Russian
  • Bulgarian