About Imerys:

Imerys leads the way in mineral-based specialty solutions for industry​ globally. Imerys supports a diverse range of sectors, from construction and automotive to consumer goods and provide renowned expert solutions based on processing and refining our mineral resources, synthetic minerals and formulations.

About the position:

The Vice President Public Affairs is responsible for developing, leading and executing the Public Affairs strategy (influence public policies, build and maintain Imerys’ reputation and image at the highest institutional level) that will help guide and support the development of Imerys’ current and future activities in France and internationally.

The Vice President establishes and maintains Imerys’ relations with all stakeholders and potential influencers with a direct or indirect interest or impact on the Group’s activities (e.g. but not limited to politicians, civil servants, local authorities, think tanks, trade associations or professional organizations, as well as suppliers, customers, shareholders and the media). His/her mission is to target, create and maintain a link with all potential relevant actors. The general target is to ensure the continuity of Imerys’ activities and support the deployment of its future growth activities.

It requires strong collaboration with the VP Communication, the Chief Sustainability Officer and the Executive Leadership.

Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Responsible for the overall planning, organization and execution of public affairs strategies and activities to help facilitate the company’s strategic business growth initiatives and to support existing activities;
  • Assess the political and policy landscape as well as potential future political developments, to devise strategic positioning for Imerys on priority issues and determine where action is advisable;
  • Establish and maintain a sophisticated network of contacts among key government members, staff and the Administration in France and the EU. In a second phase this can be extended to other countries such as the UK, South Africa, Brazil, Thailand;
  • Represent Imerys’ positions and activities at all institutional levels and in all spheres of influence (professional organizations or associations, EU and FR institutions, Parliament, Government, local politicians, decentralized state bodies, etc.);
  • Initiate or respond to, on behalf of Imerys, relevant institutional solicitations (white papers, position papers, hearings, consultations, etc.) to present the group’s positions and proposals in order to support all activities and take part in the reflection on potential new impacting political projects;
  • Represent Imerys at public events including statewide and local business organizations, as well as local, regional and national associations where this is required;
  • Identify the needs in terms of advocacy support (studies, thematic files, research, sectoral positions, infographics…) to define Imerys’ positions both for its own Public affairs missions and to support the other BUs (communication, sustainability, general management, industrial management, technical management…);
  • Develop close working with the company’s key internal stakeholders and senior management in order to oversee the public actions and the representation of all internal actors (knowing who is talking to which official or representative, on which subject, for which target and with a common general message);
  • Oversee the development and dissemination of the company’s positions externally to broadcast Imerys’ positioning and find positive communication relays but also internally within the organization, to inform the group of upcoming issues and projects;
  • Understand target audiences, through market research or other means so as to develop messaging that resonates with them and reaches them where they are most likely to see it;
  • Establish strategic relationships with not for profit agencies, trade associations and other govt. agencies and coordinate the positions that we take in key professional associations.

Qualifications, Experience and Person specification:

  • Master’s Degree in Political Sciences, Business Administration or Law;
  • At least 15 years combined relevant public affairs and/or Administration experience in France and Brussels, including demonstrated capability leading a key official’s office and/or public affairs function, coalition leadership, or strategy-based government affairs consulting (an experience in an FR Institution – Ministry or Parliament would be appreciated);
  • A thorough understanding of policy-making processes, including an understanding of the roles and decision points in the French Government, the State Agencies and the EU institutions;
  • Demonstrated success in public affairs and strong ability to implement comprehensive strategies (using all potential communication levels and all potential stakeholders);
  • Expertise in dealing with high-profile stakeholders such as elected officials, executives and a variety of external constituencies; including the ability to navigate complex political landscapes.;
  • A keen interest in upstream industries and a strong conviction that those industries can contribute to the current sustainability challenges the world is facing;
  • Interpersonal skills, including the ability to understand diverging points of view within the community and quickly build consensus on political strategy;
  • Culturally versatile, at ease both with French and EU administration but as well with private sector executives from various backgrounds and nationalities;
  • Outstanding oral, written and presentation skills and experience in the formation of message campaigns. The ability to persuasively communicate complex concepts and programs into concise and credible messages at the highest levels of government and business;
  • Perfect knowledge of the institutional sector, its habits and codes, both in terms of editorial formalism and behavior);
  • Strong managerial capacity, natural leadership;
  • Excellent prioritization and organizational skills; keen attention to detail; the ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines while managing multiple projects and priorities simultaneously;
  • ILB (Imerys Leadership Behaviors) Leads Self & Others, Communicates & Collaborates, Delivers Results, Drives Improvement.

Other considerations:

The Vice President Public Affairs is a political strategist, an expert of Institutional functioning and a good communicator who maintains a diverse and solid network.

She/He has the ability to connect advocacy to strategic positioning of Imerys’ business and directs all actions with a pro-business approach.

She/He must have a collaborative, collegial work style and the ability to coordinate, implement, and manage multiple high-priority advocacy strategies simultaneously.

Application Process:

Contact: Interested candidates are encouraged to apply by submitting their application to Roxane Perrault-Fournier, managing director – Mavence France at roxane.fournier@mavence.com