The organisation:

Concawe was established in 1963 by a small group of leading oil companies to carry out research on environmental issues relevant to the oil industry. Its membership has broadened to include most oil companies operating in Europe.

The scope of Concawe’s activities has gradually expanded in line with the development of societal concerns over environmental, health and safety issues. These now cover areas such as fuels quality and emissions, air quality, water quality, soil contamination, waste, occupational health and safety, petroleum product stewardship and cross-country pipeline performance.

Concawe endeavours to conduct its activities with objectivity and scientific integrity. In the complex world of environmental and health science, Concawe seeks to uphold three key principles: sound science, transparency and cost-effectiveness.

Concawe recognises that the potential solutions to the complex environmental, health and safety challenges of the 21st century require the combined efforts of many parties. Concawe is thus engaged in a wide range of partnerships and maintains contacts with other industry sector associations, as well as international organisations. It has observer status at UNECE (United Nations Economic Council for Europe), OSPAR Commission (for the protection of the marine environment of the north-east Atlantic) and the WHO (World Health Organization), and contributes to all EU Commission initiatives relevant to its field of activity.

Position offered and reporting line:

The Science Executive for Petroleum Product Stewardship is accountable to the REACH Director. In addition to general duties and qualifications, the Science Executive for Petroleum Product Stewardship will build on the specific technical experience, knowledge and expertise, as defined below, to lead science and research work for the Association.


  • Comply with the governance rules of the Association and ensure that the Management Groups and sub-ordinate Special Task Forces (STFs) are aware of these rules;
  • Support the Management Group Chair(s) and Vice-Chair(s) in the execution of their responsibilities and in the representation of the Association’s technical activities;
  • Facilitate and promote full cooperation between the STFs of the Management Groups;
  • Monitor developments within the scientific and regulatory communities with respect to his/her area of expertise;
  • Develop and implement the long-term strategy for the area of expertise and advise on improvements and adjustments;
  • Coordinate the development of the Management Group 5-year strategic plan and annual workplan with the REACH Director, Management Group, and Science Director; implement annual workplan as per Board approval;
  • Track and manage risks in the area of focus;
  • Practice safety leadership;
  • Develop the scope, review proposals and project-manage (including cost control) the execution of outsourced research projects;
  • Initiate tenders, facilitate selection of contractors, prepare contracts & monitor technical and progress for approved projects covered under the field of activity
  • Report progress and inform appropriate Management Groups and Scientific Committee as appropriate on all his/her activities;
  • Ensure that Concawe technical reports, briefing papers, articles etc., on topics related to the field of activity are drafted, reviewed and approved for publication in due time;
  • Serve as a technical expert and represent the industry in interactions with European and global bodies on technical issues within the area of expertise;
  • Represent Concawe and the refining industry at conferences, stakeholders’ meetings and participate in technical working groups organised by the EU Institutions and other relevant bodies;
  • Facilitate and coordinate Member Company expert participation in the different technical groups and raise resourcing issues with Science Director and Scientific Committee;
  • Gain an in-depth knowledge of EU and other relevant institutions’ decision-making processes related to the technical issues within the area of expertise;
  • Coordinate as appropriate with FuelsEurope, including active participation in relevant Issue Groups and technical support to advocacy work;
  • Cooperate with other Science and Policy Executives on overlapping or interlinked issues;
  • Where required, supervise one or more administrative assistants, research associates, or trainees.

The specific job requirements for the Petroleum Product Stewardship Executive:

The Science Executive for Petroleum Product Stewardship coordinates Concawe’s activities related to the implementation of REACH and CLP regulations in the area listed below. The role involves:

  • Coordination of Concawe’s Product Stewardship Management Group (PSMG), advising and assisting the Chair and co-Chair in developing and coordinating the PSMG work plan
  • Coordinating and prioritizing the activities of PSMG’s Special Task Forces (STFs) and Ad-hoc Groups, which per January 2020 are Classification and Labelling (STF-23), Mineral oils (STF- 33), Safety Data Sheets (STF-22), Trading Ad-hoc Group, Poison Centres Ad-hoc Group
  • Assisting REACH director in the coordination of the Concawe REACH Management Group (REACH MG):
    Organisation of the meetings
    – Recording minutes of the meetings
    – Action item follow up and dynamic update
    – Budget and work program tracking (timing, deliverables, cost)
  • Recommending the need of new STFs and Ad-hoc Groups under PSMG when required and closure when work is done
  • Coordination of the REACH budget across the Management Groups and Special Task Forces and the high-level project management (tracking timing, deliverables, cost) of the overall portfolio of REACH projects
  • Participating as Concawe stakeholder representative in Commission, European Chemical Agency and ECHA Forum committees and working groups. These may include relevant ECHA groups like PetCo, CARACAL and the MSC
  • Cooperation with other industry associations and stakeholders related to the implementation of REACH legislation for UVCB substances
  • Advising member companies in REACH and CLP issues


  • Experience and proven track record in a Member Company, the oil refining industry or similar experience in another organisation
  • Ideally a good understanding of chemicals regulations (REACH, CLP etc.) and their impact on petroleum substances and products
  • Broad knowledge of the properties of petroleum products, their manufacture and distribution and their impact on human health and environment.
  • A sound understanding of chemistry of petroleum substances and products and awareness of analytical methods
  • An awareness of the environmental permit process and human health risk management measures in the oil refining industry
  • MSc in chemical engineering is preferred
  • A team player with the capacity to effectively facilitate technical teams
  • Good negotiation skills and a sense of diplomacy
  • Good communication skills, both verbal and written
  • Ability to think strategically and put technical issues in a broader context
  • Project management skills
  • Good command of the English language
  • Excellent PC skills (MS Outlook; Word; PowerPoint; Excel; SharePoint etc.).

Why you should be interested in this position:

  • Be part of a small, multicultural team offering opportunities for flexible working arrangements, great team dynamics and positive organisational culture
  • Join the organisation at a critical time to be involved in working within REACH – following the product registration and focusing on new projects around tangible impact on health and environment
  • Work for a well-established industry that is looking towards the future
  • Build your professional network, working with Concawe’s highly regarded experts (both from the scientific and non-scientific fields), as well as with key external stakeholders



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