About the Vanadium Consortium 

REACH requires companies to work together to collect information about the chemical substances they manufacture or import, prepare a joint registration dossier for each substance and submit this information to ECHA.  

The Vanadium Consortium (VC) is a voluntary industry association of companies interested in a structured and cost-effective approach to fulfilling EU REACH obligations by coordinating the evaluation of existing data and the generation of new data.  The VC also works closely with Vanitec, the international trade association of the producers and users of vanadium containing materials on issues of joint concern within the EU and elsewhere. 

The overall objective is a robust state-of-the-art Chemical Safety Assessment of all vanadium substances in the portfolio (currently 19) in compliance with REACH to obtain status at ECHA “currently no further actions proposed” and to assist with the continued use and regulatory availability of vanadium in the EU. 

The creation of the REACH Manager position aims at achieving this objective.



  • Identifying and keeping up to date on relevant regulatory issues, guidelines and guidance by processing information from e.g. EU commission, ECHA, Eurometaux, and Vanitec and participating in related meetings, communicating these issues to the VC, VC experts, and Vanitec HSE and developing appropriate solutions for addressing them 
  • Close coordination of regulatory pressures, data needs, and strategy development/execution with Vanitec HSE and the Vanitec EU Advocacy & Communications Manager 
  • Coordination of required dossier updates of all 19 V substances with external risk assessment experts, including regular literature searches and evaluation, update of hazard and exposure assessments and new testing 
  • Oversight of EBRC, the scientific advisors to Vanitec and consultants to the VC 
  • Management of 19 lead dossiers, including updates of substance identity, boundary composition & guidance of safe use, and generation of SIEF dossier templates 
  • Communication with ECHA: exchange with ECHA on issues identified during the TCC in individual dossiers, including data gaps, substance identity, boundary composition and identified uses 
  • Coordination of testing and collection of representative test material from manufacturers: survey to identify representative test material, review of GLP-required information on test material and communication with manufacturers; review of invoices and initiation of payment 
  • SIEF facilitation & management for all V substances in the VC portfolio: Communication with all registrants, including the exchange on dossier updates (boundary compositions, life-cycle trees, description of exposure scenarios), provision of (updated) CSR, IUCLID templates and eSDS,  
  • Development of documents for data sharing in- and outside of Europe (LOA, LtU) with legal experts 
  • Financial management:  
  • Annual budget development and maintenance for the VC 
  • Communication with future and current registrants on tonnages, contacts, registered entities (SIEF) 
  • Regular fair, transparent and non-discriminatory calculation of REACH cost-shares for ca. 180 registrants of 19 V substances based on current registration and tonnages (every 2 years) 
  • Generation, communication, and follow-up of invoices 
  • Archiving & tabulation of in-and outgoing invoices, including the appointment of invoices to specific cost-sharing groups 
  • Communication with official VC bookkeeper In Austria and develop reporting for Austrian association (working with VC volunteer accountants) 
  • Review and approval of invoices and initiation of payment 
  • Preparation, organisation, participation & follow-up of monthly General Assembly Meetings 
  • Preparation, participation & follow-up of monthly Vanitec HSE meetings 
  • Webpage maintenance: coordinating webpage updates with external experts  


Skills Required 


  • Master in Sciences (MSc) mandatory   


  • Significant management experience in an international organization 
  • Knowledge of and experience working with REACH organizations, regulations, and guidance 
  • Knowledge of EU policy frameworks and institutions 
  • While a toxicology education is not required, high level understanding of health, safety and environmental issues and science is necessary for the oversight of scientific advisors to the VC 
  • Strong communication, leadership, and management skills 
  • Financial and budget development experience 
  • Positive outlook, persistence and ability to work under pressure 
  • Ability to work as part of a global team, yet be self-sufficient

Language Requirements:  

Excellent spoken and written English 


Remuneration and other benefits

  • Remuneration is based on candidates’ experience
  • Candidates can be based elsewhere than Belgium


How to apply

If you are interested in this position, please send your CV and a letter of motivation to Julien.schiettecatte@mavence.com, indicating “REACH – Vanadium Consortium” as the subject of your e-mail.



LocationRemote (Europe)

SectorREACH; Chemicals; Sustainability