The European Copper Institute (ECI), as part of the International Copper Association (ICA), represents the world’s leading copper mining, smelting, refining and fabricating companies in Europe. The joint mission of ECI and ICA is to bring together the copper industry to develop and defend markets for copper and to make a positive contribution to society’s sustainable-development goals. This under a common brand and visual identity: Copper Alliance.


The Role

The Program Director Clean Energy Transition will report to the CEO of the European Copper Institute, who also acts as Global Program Director for Clean Energy Transition. The Clean Energy Transition aims at creating a carbon- and climate-neutral economy through shifting energy sources from fossil fuels towards renewables and through improving efficiency in energy use. This global trend creates a vast array of opportunities for copper, as well as challenges for the copper industry: staying competitive under increased regulations on greenhouse gas emissions, decarbonizing the production processes, adjusting primary and secondary production capacities to the expected increase in demand for copper. The global Clean Energy Transition team (ca. 16 FTEs) will capture opportunities and address the challenges of the shift to a carbon-neutral economy.

The Program Director will:

  1. Lead the Clean Energy Transition program in Europe and through this program, reach concrete results that
    • contribute to protecting and/or improving the use of copper as an enabler of a cost-effective energy transition.
    • assist in maintaining the competitiveness of the copper industry in Europe under the carbon schemes in place or being developed.
  2. As a member of the leadership team of ECI, take an active part in defining the strategy of ECI and in implementing it.


Key Responsibilities

  • Monitor the regulatory and market frameworks in which members operate in the EU, to identify opportunities and threats linked to the energy transition that could affect these members
  • Build and maintain a solid monitoring mechanism that allows an early identification of regulatory or market opportunities and threats in the EU, linked to a cost-effective Clean Energy Transition
  • Run a prioritization exercise on these identified opportunities and threats.
  • For each opportunity or threat identified as crucial, design a comprehensive action plan to address it
  • Clearly define the objectives to be attained and transform them into tangible deliverables. Innovation aspects should be considered in such definition
  • Manage a budget generating the expected results and regularly report on progress of these action plans
  • Wrap up the action plan into a clear, comprehensive project sheet to be approved by members and by the global program director for Clean Energy Transition
  • Assess which synergies could be generated with other programs in Europe or with projects developed on Clean Energy Transition in other regions (N. America, Asia), either in terms of activities or knowledge sharing or in terms of leveraging the deliverables
  • Regularly report on progress to the members, to the ECI CEO and to the global program director for Clean Energy Transition.

Skill Requirements

  • Ability to think strategically, through the development of a comprehensive understanding of the copper industry and of its market and regulatory environments• Good knowledge of legislative and regulatory processes at European Union level
  • Well-established project management skills: task scheduling, budget build-up, resource identification and allocation
  • Strong analytical skills: ability to think through a complex problem and to design a concrete plan to bring a solution to this problem
  • Networking skills: ability to identify key contacts to develop and to design an approach strategy to these contacts
  • Strong persuasion skills – ability to influence through thought leadership and empathy
  • Solid skills in team management and people development
  • Ability to work in a multicultural environment
  • Ability to resolve conflicts and to generate a consensus between diverse stakeholders
  • Strong orientation towards results
  • Ability to easily connect with people and to develop trust relationships
  • Innovative mindset, both in project management approach and in content definition.

Desired Profile & Experience

  • University degree in engineering, business administration or political science
  • Solid and demonstrated experience in project and budget management
  • Experience in people management
  • Experience in dealing with the European authorities is a plus, especially in the energy and climate matters.

The Offer

  • Competitive package depending on experience and including bonus based on the seniority of the profile.
  • Company car and other benefits include, meal vouchers, eco cheques, private hospitalization package, group insurance, annual leave, flexible working time.


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