Director of Global Customs

GeoPost, is the financial holding company and head office of DPDgroup, a B2B and B2C parcel delivery network, operating (mainly) in Europe and around the world.

The group, built through the successive acquisitions of local parcel transport operators, has a very entrepreneurial and decentralized DNA. This characteristic influences our work directly, as much of the regulation on which each of its Business Units depends is mainly trans-national with national application, with a growing part of these issues increasingly brought to an international level.

As part of DPDgroup responsibilities, the Director of Global Customs has a primarily role to push for a full compliance of all procedures worldwide according to the Customs regulations and Trade agreements in force.

Furthermore, as the external advocate of DPD strategy he/she is also the Group representative with regards to Customs authorities and represents DPDgroup in various Customs institutions.

In coordination with the International Division and the Fiscal team, He/she actively designs and contributes the end to end products’ flow design (financial, Data and physical flows) and provides optimized solutions to support the DPD business ambition and Corporate acquisitions projects.


The Director of Global Customs is in charge of:

  • Ensuring all global regulations are understood
  • Supporting the International Division by designing and promoting, as much as possible, global standard operating processes to all stakeholders involved in Trade and Customs operations
  • Evaluating customs risks and providing guidance on mitigation plans to central team, Management and Business unit
  • Following up internal or external Customs audits of processes and operations in order to make sure that Customs regulations are applied within the DPD organization
  • In line with the International Division, establishing KPIs for Customs performance by setting ambitious targets and by communicating it regularly to Senior Management
  • Contributing to the financial objectives of DPD by designing a strategy for Customs duties optimization
  • Avoid DPDgroup Tax exposure regarding customs regulations (group financial risk)
  • Piloting the community of Custom inside the Group



Customs Strategy:

The Director of Global Customs builds and promotes the Customs strategy implementation according to the Group strategy, key projects and priorities, in association with the Business units and the relevant Central Divisions (International, Finance, Operations) in particular:

  • The level of customs control processes to be prioritized worldwide, depending on the Trade stakes, regulations and audits findings
  • Maintenance of customs clearance process in time to achieve the growth and the profit objectives of the company
  • In association with the International Division, the selection and design of Customs systems to best fit with regulations and processes, data integrity and customs costs optimization
  • In collaboration with the International Division, overview of the specifications requested of customs agents or freight forwarders and participation in sourcing the best qualified third-party customs broker to support DPDgroup operations in countries
  • Manage and offer advice on custom legislation where necessary
  • Manage and assist with commercial business development


Compliance and litigation:

  • Maintain and monitors all customs licenses and certificates, ensuring they are kept up to date
  • Support audits, internal and external, relative to Customs operations and processes
  • Act, in association with the Business units, as the Central representative vis a vis Customs authorities and ensure the respect of Customs rules by the DPDgroup affiliates or export platforms
  • In case of significant litigation, they support the Country in close collaboration with Legal


Relations with Customs institutions:

  • The Director of Global Customs leads or participates in various International committees and represents DPDgroup interests with the objective to:
  • be the advocate of DPDgroup strategy and proactively lobby to avoiding potential risks coming from new Customs rules
  • get a comprehensive knowledge of new regulations in order to anticipate and accompany their implementation in DPDgroup
  • ensure a permanent benchmark with other industries in order to leverage the DPDgroup customs at the highest level in terms of compliance and performance


Internally, he/she has significant interactions with Executives at Central level and BU level specifically from: International, Tax, Finance, Operations, Security, and Legal Divisions

The geographic scope is global.




  • Curiosity, interpersonal skills, empathy: the person must be able to exchange easily with a large number of interlocutors both inside the group and outside
  • Capacity for modeling, strategic foresight AND organization building
  • Autonomy at work and a self-starter
  • Ability to analyze and synthesize
  • Communications skills and the ability to make regulatory issues understandable and engaging
  • Ability to work in an intercultural environment (multiple BUs in Europe and partner throughout the world)
  • Editorial skills
  • Competence in Customs and International Trade
  • Fluency in written and spoken English
  • Experience working with or in government, politics or a strategic comms agency.
  • Excellent leadership skills, and experience executing cross-functional projects.
  • Knowledge of Transport industry and the policy environments that surround it.
  • Ability to advocate for the DPDgroup policies
  • Excellent interpersonal, political, analytical and communication skills and high attention to detail.
  • Ability to identify opportunities and areas for improvement, and to operate in a fast-paced environment.


SectorLogistics, Transport, Trade